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Elysium objectives in the blockchain sphere

Elysium Project Ltd. (Registration No. 1994729, hereinafter Elysium Fund) based in Singapore is the owner of projects like Trex Exchange, Trex Coin. We create a community for individuals to grow their business, share knowledge, learn new skills, seek new opportunities, and explore the future.

Our goal is to transform the Elysium Fund into the gold standard for the best-connected cryptocurrency and crypto-exchange website. Our relationships are built on trust that we build every day through every interaction. We work as a partner to provide cryptocurrency products and services that make online transaction safe, simple, and convenient. We’re here to help navigate important milestones and strengthen futures together.

Our diverse business mix is fundamental in delivering a consistent, predictable, and repeatable performance year after year. Our carefully selected and highly trained relationship managers focus on assessing and understanding their customers' needs in order to be able to offer the most suitable solutions. Should it be an everyday transaction or a complex portfolio planning, we offer the optimum solution. Break free from the hassles of banking and the worries of managing your assets with Elysium Fund - we offer easy access to your cryptocurrency, products that are simple to use, services where you can easily manage your online financial possessions and view all your account activity and more.

Our Exchange and Utility Token

Trex Exchange

With your help, TREX is building a world-class decentralized crypto-exchange, powering the future of crypto finance. Easy-to-use and secure exchange with a future-minded organization. Clean and transparent interface offers simple solutions for different transactions.


Trex Coin

Trex Coins (TREX) are the native currency of the TREX Decentralized Exchange platform that allows holders to profit from the success of the exchange. Thus, becoming a sustainable token that'll grow in value over time as the TREX Exchange eco-system becomes more widespread.


Our mission

Elysium Fund - created in Singapore - is the owner of projects like Trex Exchange, Trex Coin transform the Elysium Fund into the gold standard for the best-connected cryptocurrency and crypto-exchange website. As new technologies enter the marketplace leveraging the experience of peers and the knowledge of suppliers becomes necessary to make better, faster decisions. Through our economic success and competitive international presence, we want to create value while upholding stringent environmental and social norms to support a sustainable future. Our vision is to provide our clients with the most effective solutions to help them best manage their online assets' futures, while creating long lasting value for all stakeholders.

The core aim is to be the preferred cryptocurrency-management portal of our customers through operational excellence and international service quality; and of our employees with the highest level of ethical and moral values. Everybody with an online presence and an interest in a new technology emerging into mainstream use such as cryptocurrencies need trustworthy, determined, sensible and accessible means that act wise and ensure excellence in services. With these values, we will enrich our customers even further, and introduce a brand-new approach to manage all cryptocurrency-related activity in one place.

Start trading with cryptocurrencies!

Elysium's decentralized crypto exchange makes it easy to start trading with ERC-20 tokens. Don't just dream about it, make the first move before someone else will!